The name Treasta was derived from an amalgamation of the words Treasure and Pata.
Pata, in Italian, means a spectrogram and just like a spectrogram
we at Treasta believes in being dynamic.

Treasta - Lab Grown  Diamond Rings, EarRings, Pendants
Treasta - Lab Grown  Diamond Rings, EarRings, Pendants

Old is gold, but nothing beats trendy for which one has to evolve daily. Our designs are just like our name, trendy, evolving and dynamic. Ok, so this doesn’t end here, we use science and technology in our jewelry making. All our diamonds our Lab-Grown diamonds which is just a small step towards the future of jewelry.

We have over 1000s of unique, chic and elegant designs that will woo your hearts. Each piece is made with utmost passion and love by craftsmen, who share your love for the bling. Our diamond jewelry and its designs are one of a kind keeping in mind affordability to own diamond jewelry.

At Treasta, our root of evolution has made it possible for us to make our diamond jewelries available for everyone. Our Diamond Jewelries are elegant and look royal and delicate. But, the prices will leave you in awe and sweep you off the floor.

Be a Trendsetter

With us, and our unique, chic and elegant jewelry, you can be a trendsetter.

We have a huge variety of designs and we keep innovating to please your hearts. You’ll never get enough of our jewelry designs. Not just that, each piece is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen making it more artistic and something original. Flaunt your diamond jewelry with pride.

Be a Trendsetter

We are here for you whenever you need us.

Your moods are our commands. We have designs and jewelry that caters to every mood. Happy, sad, crazy, fun, chill, surprised, shocked…. No matter what the emotion is, we will always be there for you. Celebrating each day and making together into the future.

Mood is just an Excuse

Packs of Joy

Packs of Joy

We love spreading joy all over the world.

Hence, our jewelry is a way to share your joy. With every purchase you make, you reduce the cost of your jewelry that makes you happy. The sustainable Lab-Grown diamonds make the animals and plants that were saved from being deserted happy. The children, the future of the world, who are stuck in this loop of mining, also get a new happy and healthy future. It’s fun when you touch lives while shopping.

Time is Now!

If you want the future to be as bright as your diamonds are today, then
the only way you can do it is with a little change. It’s on us to change our
ways of life, so that the next generation can enjoy those little happy
moments like we did. Do your bit today and shop with us now!