Our Manufacturing

We care about your precious time and want to develop a relationship of trust. This is why we display the exact products that are manufactured on our Website. This means that our product is first designed and crafted made Ready-To-Ship and then displayed on the website to list the exact details of the carat weight of the diamonds and the metal that goes into the making of our jewelry.

Treasta Manufacturing

Making jewelry that stands out and looks modern yet amazingly classic and resonates with your soul is our goal.

With all our skilled jewelry designers and the skilled craftsmen who make each piece you see on Treasta with love, makes our jewelry the one that connects hearts.

Buying from Treasta is soulful because not only our diamonds are an evolution, but we also take into consideration the lives of the designers and craftsmen who make your jewelry and make it a point to give them an environment where they can create jewelry that just feels right.

Treasta Packaging

Our Packaging

Plus, no more waiting for days for your purchase to arrive at your doorstep.

With Ready-To-Ship packaging our delivery process gets done in a week’s time. To make it even more convenient, you can check the delivery date during check-out. To add to it, our jewelry is delivered in special Treasta packaging which ensures that the products are securely delivered to you in time.

We strive to keep the balance between the fast change and the classic trust factor and we’ve found just the perfect balance with our Ready-To-Ship Packaging.