Lifetime Exchange

At Treasta we make jewelry with utmost care so that you get every piece that is made so intricately just for you.

The whole process of jewelry making is in the hands of skilled craftsmen and all the materials used are of the best quality and certified.

If even after all this care and concern there happens to be any manufacturing defect, you can send us the piece right away and we’ll identify it for its defect and notify you of the same. Once you confirm that you wish to get it repaired and to be as flawless as it was before we’d do it for free. In any case that you give any of our jewelry for repair to any sort of tending, the warranty will become null and void.

If in any case, we identify that the repair you wish to get done, does not fall in our lifetime warranty policy we will notify you of the cost to get it repaired and proceed once approved. This gives us the opportunity to make your jewelry buying experience an amazing one.

Lifetime Exchange Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry

Want to know more about how our Lifetime Warranty policy works? Click here to read the Terms of Sale.