1. What is the difference between Lab Grown & Natural Diamonds?

    Lab Grown diamonds are essentially the exact same composition as natural diamonds. They're very much "real" diamonds, so what is the difference?

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  2. Why buy jewelry online?

    Online shopping has never been more prevalent than right now, and there’s a reason. In fact, there are many reasons why people prefer to buy things off the internet now versus actually going to the store physically. When it comes to things like jewelry, especially precious jewelry, customers used to be skeptical but this market is also booming now. Here are some reason you should buy jewelry online:


    While shopping for jewelry online, it’s probably the only time you can open like a dozen sites & browse through as many designs as you want without having to actually travel to those places. What’s more? You can also get jewelry from places not in your city. It’s am

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  3. Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

    Authenticity of Origin

    It is easy to sell a fake diamond if users can’t tell the difference, but Lab-grown diamonds are real & come with a certification of authenticity. This is one factor where you can 100% trace where the diamond came from, i.e. which lab. In the case of natural diamonds, we may not always be able to pinpoint which reserve and how many alterations thereafter the tone has been treated to. 

    Fashionably Affordable

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  4. 5 Awesome Engagement Rings under $500!

    There’s enough going on about how to pop the question & planning the special moments, without also having to worry about how deep a hole the ring will burn in the pocket holding it. Treasta Diamond Rings are made with a very high quality of lab-grown diamonds & because of the sustainable nature of these stones, we can get the rings to you at a price you wouldn’t have dreamt of. 

    Here are some of our top Engagement Rings under $500

    Ruchir Diamond Ring

    If you want a solitaire diamond ring that is exquisite, then this beautifully carved band engagement ring is possibly your finest bet! And yes it is for only $460

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  5. How to clean your Diamond Jewelry at home?

    Jewelry keeps us looking & feeling pretty, but what if it is dirty in itself? We all love our diamonds, but they’re also not completely maintenance-free. Diamonds can be very attracted to dirt, dust, or other sticky particles. So if not cleaned on a regular basis, diamond jewelry can tend to lose its sparkle and look yellow or black.

    Here are some tips to keep your jewelry clean:

    Don’t touch the diamonds too much 

    Our fingers also have oil and dirt, so touching the surface of your rings or other jewelry too much can also make them cloudy. 

    Someone once said our diamonds are like magnets to our body oil and dirt. H

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  6. Know your Diamonds: The 4 Cs

    Buying a diamond is a big deal for most people and therefore you need to know certain things before you make that purchase. Which diamond should you buy? How to choose a diamond? Anyone who has some experience with diamonds will have heard about the 4 Cs of diamonds.

    These are:

    • Cut
    • Color
    • Clarity
    • Carat

    The GIA created the International diamond grading system to help determine the grades of diamonds universally. Let’s take a deeper look into how these make up the diamond.


    The CUT is the key. This is where the stone gets it’s brilliant shine & sparkle from that makes people go wow! The size of the diamonds is also affected by the grade of the cutting of the diamonds. There are a lot of different facets in a diamond and cut doesn’t refer to just the shape of the diamond.

    diamond cuts

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